NOODS within the Park are there to define their own identity within this new existence. They value the freedom to be silly, serious, expressive, chill, or super hyped in the way they want to be.


  • Noods Noods are without clothes, a blank slate completely uninfluenced by the greater world. As a nood, you have the opportunity to choose your identity from the beginning.
  • Tattoos The first of identity options for Humans in the park, tattoos show their loyalty to the cause, a sign of rebellion against those who would buy and sell identities.
  • Icons Icons are the personas of Seasons, legends of Human Park with their own stories they seek to share with the greater community.
  • Identities Legends of the Park, their identities live on forever as not just outfits, but entire philosophies. These identities help noods piece together who they want to be in Human Park.



  • Obelisks From our existence to the new one, humans transport key elements of the old world in safe containers meant to protect the integrity of the contents called 'Obelisks'
  • Wayfinders
  • Fueled by a powerful, unknown element, these act as keys to new identities, compasses for new mysterious artefacts, opening up parts of the Park that are locked, and much much more.

The Human Park Worlds

Endless worlds exist within Human Park. They blur the lines between real and fantasy, reinventing reality for the new existence. Whatever happened to create the Park, it opened up a lot of portals to times and places beyond imagination.

  • Seasons
  • Seasons debut a narrative slice of the greater Human Park experience. ICONS are debuted in Seasons.

    • Season 0 Season 0 debuts a cyberpunk retro landscape filled with rough and tough characters
  • Spaces
  • Spaces are new environments for interactivity that add speculation to future narratives. EXPERIENCES are debuted in Spaces

    • Coming soon