General FAQ

What are Seasons?

Seasons are seasonal content for Human Park, debuting new stories for you to dive into along with new visual updates and releases. Content will revolve around the themes of each season.

What is Season Zero?

Our inaugural season, Season Zero, is set in a cyberpunk retro-themed world filled with gritty characters and mysterious artifacts called Obelisks.

What is an Obelisk?

Obelisks are items that carry other NFTs within them. These NFTs carried within can include any of the weird and wonderful Artifacts of Human Park.

This first series of Obelisks were airdropped to early community members. They can be earned and discovered by winning game modes, completing quests, and finding bounties locked within Human Park. Obelisks, like Noods, are unique NFTs that enhance your in-game experience and build upon your unique identity.

How do I open an Obelisk?

Users can open Obelisks on our site here.

Connect your wallet and navigate to the Obelisks page on the site. Once you are on the Obelisk page and have your wallet connected, you will be able to see all your owned Obelisks.


After selecting an Obelisk, click Reveal and open your Obelisk to reveal the NFT held within.


To complete the Reveal process you will need to sign a transaction in your wallet. Your Obelisk will be burned in this process and you will receive your new NFT in your wallet - which can be viewed on secondary markets or on our site.

What is an Icon?

Icons are seasonal cosmetic sets that can be equipped by your Nood in order to represent specific characters for each and every season released in Human Park. Icon packs allow players to customise their Nood NFTs in new and exciting ways, with exciting and unpredictable results. But that’s not all – they will also enable you to immerse yourself in Human Park in the most engaging and open-ended ways possible.

Are Icons Noods?

While the Icons themselves aren’t ownable Noods, they will give you the ability to add their cosmetic attributes and tailor them to your Nood’s body type.

What are Drifters?

Drifters are the characters of Season Zero - the first Icons of Human Park. The Season Zero Icons are:

  • The Psychic
  • The Enforcer
  • The Hustler
  • The Explorer
  • The Punk
  • The Engineer

What are Icons?

Like all Human Park Icon packs, Drifters are standalone NFTs, which means that their owners have full control of their value - they can trade them freely on secondary markets or hold them for exciting new play opportunities in future seasons. That being said, these Icons are not Noods themselves, and must be grafted onto a Nood in order to take effect. While the Icons have their own stories and body types, when you later apply the visual effect to your Nood it will be specific to your Nood.

How does rarity work for Icons?

There are 5 different tiers of Rarity for each Icon. From most common to rare:

  • Everyday
  • Superior
  • Epic
  • Prime
  • Legendary.

Rarity is denoted as a trait within the metadata and will appear on Opensea. Although Icons of different rarity visually appear the same, rarity will have an effect on future content.

How do I discover rarer Icons?

Every opening of an Obelisk that reveals an Icon takes that Icon out of the rarity pool which decreases the chance future Obelisk reveals will have that rarity inside. Look closely at what’s been revealed on the market to determine what’s out there to get an idea of

What is a Wayfinder?

Whereas Icons allow you to play with different facets of your core identity, Wayfinders are the overarching ‘activation devices’ of Human Park. These rare NFTs have an ever-expanding array of powers, including the ability to:

  • Activate other NFT’s within the ecosystem
  • Unlock new areas within Human Park
  • Access special events and in-game experiences
  • Boost rewards across different gameplay experiences
  • Be combined and/or burned for new and never-before seen NFTs

In short, Wayfinders are among the most powerful and versatile Artifacts you can possess within Human Park. And as the Human Park ecosystem evolves and expands, Wayfinders will become more powerful and continue to play a key role in enabling new in-game experiences.

The first batch of Wayfinders has been awarded to our early community members through Human Park’s inaugural Obelisk drop. In the future, players will be able to earn and purchase them through special seasonal events.

About Human Park

What is Human Park?

Human Park (the Park) is a place where everyone can truly explore their identity. Human Park is a next-generation Web3 experience platform that combines community and the constructions of what the “Metaverse” could become, to explore the very next level of human interaction.

What is a “Nood”?

A Nood is a base avatar NFT that enables you to express your identity. Each Nood is a blank canvas of who you will become. Your Nood will allow you to traverse and experience Human Park.

What is an “Original”?

First edition Noods carry the title of Original. Similar to a Genesis collection, Originals are the first and most sought-after Noods to step foot within Human Park. They are limited-supply NFT avatars that users can customize and make their own, as they explore Human Park.

What is a “Fungibles”?

The Fungibles are non-NFT Noods that are fully customizable and configurable within the Launcher.

What comes after the Originals series?

As Human Park evolves, second generation Noods will come to life, and you will need to stick around to be the first to see that happen. More information on the untitled next generation Noods will be shared soon.

How did Human Park launch?

Human Park launched with a free mint event which started in February 2022. The launch consisted of four (4) initial access waves where users signed up to a #getinline call out by the team. Lower wave access granted users to a pool of lower mint numbers which started on the 12th March 2022.

How can my friends get into Human Park for free?

In the beginning and if you are early enough you can simply share the link to www.humanpark.io with your friends. As excitement builds and the project continues to grow, more opportunities will be available for people to secure free Noods when they sign up. Until then, invite your friends to join our Discord so they don’t miss out. https://discord.com/invite/HumanPark

Minting/NFT FAQs

What is the Human Park initial total supply?

The initial supply of Human Park will be decided by the community. You will be able to track the live supply allocation in Human Park. Uniquely, we wanted the community to define the supply rather than us simply plucking a number from thin air. (This will be updated to community-generated supply once locked)

Is Human Park a free mint at launch?

Yes. Those users that locked in their own customized Original Noods will be airdropped their NFTs to their associated wallets completely free.

Does my Nood last forever?

It can, but that's completely up to you. Plans to incorporate burn mechanics for NFTs in Human Park are underway. In some experiences, in the future, there could be areas such as opt-in death zones where Noods will be presented with conflict and choice. Options are still in R&D and we will work with the community to decide on early mechanics and build that out when the time comes.

Do I own my Nood?

Yes, you own the Nood! You will have the ability to market experiences around your Nood to help the Human Park community grow.

Can I name my Nood?

Yes, but not immediately. Functionality is in development so you can name your Nood at a future date.

Once minted, are profile pictures final?

Some things in Human Park are never final. In this case, in time you will be able to customize your look. What actually displays on marketplaces, for now, is another story. In the beginning, Noods will appear with their locked tattoos for final compositing but in the future users will have the ability to change looks.

How does Human Park work?

What is the lore of Human Park?

As a platform enabling the exploration of identity, Human Park lore begins with you – and is created by you. Within each of us is a story and Human Park simply provides the tools you will need to craft the experiences that form your journey and your vision.

What platforms will Human Park be available on?

Initially, Human Park will be a desktop install experience only, with browser and mobile support to come later. Users will be able to download a launcher for Windows and an install-pack for macOS. A Launcher is coming and will replace the installation client for macOS.

Is Human Park free-to-play?

Yes, Human Park will be free-to-play with the option to purchase in-game cosmetics, accessories, and additional collectibles.

Is Human Park built with play-to-earn (P2E) in mind?

Yes, Human Park will have play-to-earn economics. There will be the ability to extract earning opportunities within the Park as deeper economics evolve alongside the community.

Is Human Park a profile-picture project (PFP)?

Human Park is the evolution of the PFP.  Like other NFTs, you can use your Nood as a PFP however you choose but it is so much more than that. Noods are created to be activated and will build endless entertainment experiences, all powered by you.

Will there be a rewards system in Human Park?

Human Park will have a rewards system tailored to experiences within the platform. This may include discovery elements with game theory and prizing systems commonly seen in mobile free-to-play games.

Is everything an NFT in Human Park?

Not all items are an NFT in Human Park, ultimately the community will be given a chance to decide what is converted to an NFT and what isn't. For example, imagine you have amassed several free items by exploring the Park and they now sit in your inventory. You will be able to decide which of your items will become an NFT and which ones simply remain as is.

Will there be other NFTs in Human Park?

Yes, plenty of them, beginning with Original Noods followed by additional fun and valuable items. The Park will open with our own set of offerings for Noods before extending to 3rd party NFT offerings.

Installation and Configuration

Can I  turn the music on and off?

Yes, go to settings and pull the volume dial back to the left of the screen and to the right to turn back on.

What does lock/locking mean when creating a Nood?

Locking simply means you’ve finalized the design/look of your Nood and you are locking in that design to be created. The locked design is what will be minted and sent to you as an NFT. **You will be able to begin Locking your Nood starting March 18, 2022 at 3 PM PDT / March 19, 2022 9 AM AEDT until March 20, 3 PM PDT / March 21, 9AM AEDT.

Should I rush to lock my Nood?

No need to rush. Personalize and customize your Nood to be the way you want it. Enjoy the time crafting yourself as it is going to represent you in Human Park. You have until March 20th 3PM PST / March 21st 9AM AEDT to lock your Nood. Updates and reminders about cut-off times are shared often on social media and on our Discord channel.

Can I save my progress when styling a Nood with tattoos?

Your progress will be saved automatically while you are customizing your Nood. This means if you style your Nood and step away from your computer for any given length of time, your progress will be saved and you can continue customizing.

If I log out, will my Nood save?

Yes, your Nood will be saved and you will be able to resume your customization when you log back in.

Why do I need to connect my wallet to my account?

We use your wallet to verify you and to accurately display your NFTs.

Human Park Tattoos

What are tattoos?

Tattoos in Human Park represent individualism. Every Nood is a genuinely unique 1-of-1 NFT designed and customized by their creator: you. Currently, you will have 15 tattoo body locations available to tailor with tattoos, with more coming in the future. Users have access to the same tattoos but have the tools to adjust their placement, size, orientation, and color to customize the Nood as desired, enabling millions of unique combinations.

Why Tattoos?

Tattoos are symbols of tribalism, and for hundreds of years, we have been using markings as a way to express who we are and what we believe in. As the metaverse materializes around us, consider tattoos a way to represent your tribe, passions, or fashion individualism.

I see my favorite brands as tattoos-- has Human Park partnered with them?

The tattoo launch catalogue consists of close to one thousand tattoos inspired by pop culture and traditions. Some of them are fan-art pieces inspired by brands you know and love. However, these are not formally part of an official partnership.

Are there any official partnerships?

Yes, you will find official partners listed on the Marketplace placeholder screen in the Human Park macOS and Windows launcher. How each partner will offer utility is top-secret right now, but more information and details about each will be released.

Are tattoos permanent?

No. In the long term, you will have the ability to update your tattoos as the platform grows. This is part of the reason why tattoos are not individual NFTs themselves. As the ecosystem evolves, NFT options will form part of the strategy towards permanent tattoos.

Are tattoos a thing in Human Park?

Yes. What better way to express your identity on a blank canvas than by painting it on? We select a future where tattoos in Human Park extend into reality.

Can I submit my own tattoo designs to Human Park?

We anticipated this may become a common question and though it might be too early to dive into it, we are always looking at ways to make things like this happen. Got a specific tattoo design in mind? Feel free to express your interest by emailing nft@humanpark.io

Future Mechanics

Is there breeding in Human Park?

No, not at the moment. However, there are plans for a ‘creation mechanic’ within Human Park. We will be sharing more about how this function will be activated and what it will entail for the community at a future date.

What can I experience in Human Park?

Our long-term vision is that there will be something for everyone. We are tight-lipped for the moment but can say Human Park's goal is to become the most blended experience platform to exist in Web3.

How will the Marketplace work?

The Marketplace will showcase all in-house and partner items for users to learn about and browse. Once the Marketplace is built, all accessories and additional collectibles can be purchased here.

What are Blue Moon events?

Blue Moon relates to the pseudo-named events currently in development for the Park. It may relate to drops and special access events in the near future. #wenbluemoon

Is music going to be a big part of Human Park?

We envision music playing a big part of the Park experience.  We are currently working on partnerships to bring this effort forward as a priority. We are also open to working closely with the community to discover opportunities and ways to further engage with musicians and build experiences centred around music.

Will ZED digital horses be in Human Park?

Yes, there are going to be some amazing surprises in store for ZED racehorse holders within Human Park and plans are underway.

Will other NFT projects feature in Human Park?

Yes, as suggested when discussing partnerships, we are on a mission to bring other NFT projects and brand IP to life in Human Park.

When can I add a face to my Nood?

Your Nood will be faceless by design. However, at a future date, we will be exploring ways for users to further personalize their Noods with the application of faces.

Is a mobile app going to be made for Human Park?

Yes. Mobile app development with NFTs is being explored and while it is challenging, it is a vital opportunity and one that is important for wider adoption.

Will Human Park address Interoperability?

Yes, interoperability is at the forefront of the Human Park vision. In time expect to see some of your favorite projects living and breathing in the Park.

Does Human Park have plans on becoming a DAO?

A player-run ecosystem is something we openly want to be a part of as concepts of the metaverse come to life. Although we think it is too early to be presented as a fully Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) we do believe it is the way of the future. As the Human Park platform matures and our token becomes a reality, we will look to explore the benefits of a DAO-like structure with our community.


Is there going to be a token economy in Human Park?

Yes, we are considering a token economy and are in the process of identifying the right legal framework. Some additional work is required before we can share any information on this.

Is the Human Park team knowledgeable in the field of Tokenomics?

Yes. Human Park is developed and led by the teams at Virtually Human Studio and Spectre Studios, creators of the famous NFT horse racing game  ZED RUN. With access to the best-of-the-best in this field, the team will be putting the right steps forward to execute first-class token economics for Human Park.


How can the community get involved in Human Park?

Get in touch with our mods via our socials and join our Discord here. We would love to hear from you!

Where do I find my community?

Reaching us through Discord is the best way, here.

Who are the official Discord Moderators?

Teddy leads the Human Park Discord Moderators. All Human Park Discord Moderators can be found in our Discord under the moniker Banana Crew, which is the name of our moderators group.

General Information/Support

What is a Metaverse?

A Metaverse is a virtual space where users can interact with the environment and each other in a multitude of ways.

What is Human Park built on?

Human Park gameplay and experiences are built in Unreal Engine, and its NFTs are built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Who do I contact for technical support?

Head over to https://humanpark.io where you will find our support widget at the bottom of the screen. You can also reach out to support@humanpark.io.

Where can I get updates on the progress of Human Park?

Never miss out. Stay up to date with the team and catch the latest news  by following our channels:







Why does Human Park need my email?

Your email acts as a contact point for your specific account. You will receive updates and important information from the Park team, such as upcoming news and events.

What is Metamask?

MetaMask is Human Park’s preferred on-chain wallet. Install MetaMask here.

What is Discord?

Discord is a community messaging platform originally built for gamers. It has since become a popular platform in other spaces such as the NFT and crypto space. Find the Human Park Discord server here.


I want to partner with Human Park, who should I contact?

We are always looking at collaborating with partners who can bring unique IP or experiences of significance to our amazing Human Park community. If you would like to partner, reach out to partnerships@vhslab.com

Can I launch my own NFT project in Human Park?

Human Park is also primed to become the next-gen distribution platform that rethinks the way NFT projects “drop” or distribute their project. In the future, we will support other projects launching their own experiences and projects with a bridge to Human Park. If you are interested in working with us, contact  nft@humanpark.io.


Who is behind Human Park?

Human Park is a joint undertaking by Virtually Human Studio, creators of NFT cult-classic ZED.RUN and premier film and VR specialist Spectre Studios.

Who is Virtually Human Studio?

Virtually Human exists to uncover what the future of entertainment can do for humanity. Our goal is to keep people emotionally engaged through immersive digital experiences. We use emerging technologies in gaming, sports, and mixed reality to bridge the gap between the physical world and the virtual one.

Our flagship game ZED RUN was one of the first of its kind created on the blockchain. And now we bring you Human Park pushing towards that goal of bringing reality into the digital space.

Who is Spectre Studios?

Spectre Studios solves complicated digital problems with innovative creative solutions. Our ideas and creative execution drive innovation in the Virtual Reality landscape.

Spectre is the leading XR studio in Australia bringing feature films and experiences into true room-scale VR. Our body of work spans feature films, TVCs, Broadcast, Animation, VFX and Motion Design, VR game development, CG VR experiences, and now NFT’s. We aim to be the premium NFT experienced content creator with a focus on Game Development, Film Tie-in Experiences, Education/Training, and Virtual Production. Spectre Studios pushes the boundaries of art, technology, and storytelling.

I’m a noob to all this, I need more.

If you would like more information on Human Park, please keep up to date with our Wiki located here. There is also an additional FAQ section on our Discord channel.

Help, I’d like to talk to a human.

We got you. Join our Discord today and connect with one of our friendly Discord Moderators. You’ll also find that our fun and growing community is also available and happy to connect.