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7th June 2022

Weekly Update:

Whilst we're scratching our heads over the mysteries of what lies within our Obelisks, the Park Staff are busy building behind the scenes. Here’s a quick Tl;dr of what's been happening in the Park lately:

In the community, we have managed to accomplish and uncover some pretty exciting milestones. - We recently held our first-ever fan art contest and had some fantastic pieces submitted. We are so thrilled with the efforts you all put in. - We had another showdown between the Enforcer and 022 on Twitter, breaking our personal record for total comments on a post - The Enforcer shared some very curious Icons with us. (What could these mean? Are they another clue to what the Obelisk holds? Tricky tricky)

Behind the screens, our Park Staff have been busy bees. Currently: - We are finalizing the last of the Obelisk “stuff” and are thiiiisss close to them being ready for you all. - We recently finalized the details for NFT NYC - WE’LL BE THERE!!- More details and news on this will be shared next week. - We have been prototyping our very own FPS gameplay and will be testing even more game modes over the coming months

Busy times, busy times.

12th May 2022

Daily Update: We say good bye to the veteran Ticket Tool in our Discord server today. The ticket tool has been a key support for our community for several months now, and with the help of our Discord moderators, it has resolved over 850 tickets since it’s introduction. Thank you, Ticket Tool.

Our new support will be handled through the Human Park website’s support widget from now on.

11th May 2022

Daily Update: Follow along with our second ever AMA with Dez, Rick, Steven and Teddy as they answer all those questions you have been dying to ask.

10th May 2022

Daily Update: Are you going to NFT NYC? See you there!

9th May 2022

Daily Update: Really feeling the love from Menace2Metaverse here with their beautiful HP inspired VR art installation

7th May 2022

Daily Update: Control of the server has been restored. Enforcer has been removed from the scene. What were they after?

6th May 2022


5th May 2022

Daily Update: OG Operation - Extract Drop 1- Initiated

The fight for identity continues...


4th May 2022

Daily Update: May the 4th be with you, Noods.

3rd May 2022

Daily Update: "TRANSMISSION INCOMING - We hope you arrived safely. We're sending something you'll need in the fight to come. Be ready. END TRANSMISSION"


29th April 2022

Daily Update: TBT for all of you who have been with us since the beginning. Ahhh, good times~

28th April 2022

Daily Update: Come and meet our Noods in the #theories channel of our Discord! First up is the legendary OG (Original Ginger)

27th April 2022

Daily Update: Stories are told to us from birth, it is our gift from the generations of old.

Human Park is vast, it's wondrous and infinite, but what is all that without stories to tell our kin?

So tell us, Humans. What are our stories? Who is your Nood? What is their name? What is the meaning behind their tattoos?

Share with us your stories and personal experience behind your creative process in the theories channel on our Discord.

All stories are welcomed and taken into account for our very own Human Park lore.

26th April 2022

Daily Update: We will be holding a hangout event with our developers in Discord today. Come join us and get to know the brains behind the operation!

25th April 2022

Daily Update: ROADMAP!

22nd April 2022

Drop Update: Noods are all safe and sound in their wallets. Check out this clip of one of our final reveals!!

21st April 2022

Drop Update: Release the Noods! Airdrop begins today.

20th April 2022

Daily Update/ Drop Update: Final 24 hours before Operation Nood Drop. More info will be released tomorrow before we send out the Noods.

19th April 2022

Daily Update: Check out this clip of our dev, Steven explaining our views of accessibility and our free access.

18th April 2022


17th April 2022

News/ Daily Update: A little birdy told me to keep my eyes open for 420.

9th April 2022

Daily Update: Thank you to everyone who made the movie night a great success. We will be having more in the future, so make sure you grab yourself the Community Events role so you can join in the fun with everyone!

8th April 2022

Daily Update: As we get closer and closer to dropping our Originals, take a look at this awesome Fungible design by Bomborant#6057 in our #send-noods channel!


7th April 2022

Daily Update: Join us for a great old-fashioned MOVIE NIGHT! We will be hunkering down with our blankets and favourite snacks on Friday 9th @6PM PST. Jump into the Events chat to find out more details:

6th April 2022

Daily Update: You can now select which pings to receive on Discord. You can react to the emotes in the #Roles channel to be notified for certain events.

5th April 2022

Daily Update: Check out out Twitter poll! Fill out the poll for a chance to win some sweet, sweet merch.

2nd April 2022

Daily Update: Congratulations to everyone who survived April Fool’s Day this year. We will begin hosting some community events this month, and some more competitions and give-aways as usual.

1st April 2022

Daily Update: A pinch and a punch, Noods! It’s the start of Q2 and boy have we got a show for you.

31st March 2022

Daily Update: Check out our favorite new Fungible design so far! Make sure to share your new designs in the Human Park Discord server

30th March 2022

News/Launcher Update: The Human Park Launcher is Reopening! The Original Nood creation is closed BUT with the reopening we have some awesome new features landing to keep the Park fresh. Meet the Fungibles!

  • The Fungibles are non-NFT Noods that are fully customizable and configurable within the Launcher.
  • Anyone and everyone can create Fungibles. This includes those who locked Originals or completely new, first-time users.
  • Users can save multiple Fungibles. Each with its own unique name and customizations within your inventory.

Check out more info in our new Medium post:

29th March 2022

Daily Update: One of our super awesome dev team members has recently appeared in a podcast to talk some more Human Park. Check out the link below to listen to DEZ’s sweet sweet knowledge.

28th March 2022

Daily Update: With just two days until we open back up again, ask yourself: Who is my Nood? Jump into the community and share your Nood story with the community.

27th March 2022

Daily Update: Two of our favorite Park Staff, Steven Na, and Rick Pearce recently appeared on a super cool podcast where they may or may not have spilled a bean or two about our very own Human Park. While we wait for Airdrop Day, you might want to go check it out!

26th March 2022

News/Launcher Update: Registration is CLOSED... While we bake your Noods and get them ready to be airdropped to their forever homes, sit back and enjoy the peace. If you didn’t make it for the registration period, don’t worry! There’s plenty of Noodity to go around.

25th March 2022

Daily Update: Our final 24 hours! Get ready for a verified TRIBE X tattoo collection that has been announced. Keep up to date on cool news like this on our Twitter or join in and meet your fellow Noods in our Human Park Discord server.

24th March 2022

Daily Update: Check out some of the awesome new designs people have been creating using tattoos created by our very first Verified Partner! Shout out to Rook E#8152 for their awesome design


23rd March 2022

News/Launcher Update: Introducing Maui Studios as our first ever Verified Partner! Jump into our brand new update to check out some fresh Maui tattoos and our newly unveiled “Friends” tab to see our list of partners. Check out our blog post about Maui Studios!

22nd March 2022

Daily Update: One day closer to D-Day. Start getting to know the rest of the community, everyone. You’ll be Nood with them soon.

21st March 2022

Daily Update: EXTENSION! check out our #send-noods channel for some inspiration! Make the most of the extra time, Noods! The new deadline will be released soon.

20th March 2022

Daily Update: Check out this new tutorial we just released! It’ll teach you exactly how to create an AWESOME Nood.

19th March 2022

News/Launch Update: Don’t have a PC? Don’t worry, we got you covered. Today we announced the activation of our Easy Mint option for our mobile users. No Nood left behind!

18th March 2022

Daily Update: Our public wave opens tomorrow at 9am AEDT, so make sure you invite all your friends to join in on the Nood journey. This is the last chance to snag yourself an Original Nood!

17th March 2022

Daily Update: WELCOME TO THE PARK, WAVE 3! You have 4 days to lock in your NOOD. Please share your creations with us in Discord!

16th March 2022

News\Launch Update: Our new update has been sent out and you are now able to LOCK in your NOODS!

15th March 2022

News/Launch Update: WELCOME TO THE PARK, WAVE 2! Time to show us what you got. Our PUBLIC WAVE has been announced, so tell your kids, partners, dog-walkers, and shout it from the rooftops to make sure they lock their NOODS in time.

14th March 2022

Daily Update: The final day of the pre-alpha head start. Wave 2, START YOUR ENGINES!

13th March 2022

Daily Update: You guys have blown us away with your creations so far! Check out FLASH#3296’s Nood!


12th March 2022

News/Client Launch: Wave 1 is live!! Can’t wait to see your creations

11th March 2022

Daily Update: Super excited to share the news on our new Launcher!