Psychology of Human Park

We take joy in experimenting with emerging technologies in gaming, data, and mixed reality. We want to provide you with full agency over your experience in the Park.

Here’s how we plan on doing this:

Empowering Creators

As you navigate and explore this new digital space, you may want to showcase several different facets of yourself that you flip between at will.

The way you represent yourself within one area may not be how you do so in another.

Your interests, your expression and your personality may change depending on where you choose to spend your time in Human Park.

We’re here to provide that opportunity to grow yourself in this space. You’re building your identity and in doing so, you’re also contributing to the collective mindset of a more personalised Park.

Defining your Digital Identity

Identity is one of the core components of the Park. It offers the chance to broadcast the persona you’ve always wanted to portray through your Nood.

The concept of developing yourself digitally isn't about tearing down a real-world persona.

It's about the chance to reinvent yourself before the wider adoption of digital spaces takes hold.

Accessibility and No Labels

Our goal is for Human Park to be an accessible experience with an amazing community full of weirdos and their Noods. This is why we have a low barrier of entry. We definitely don’t want to put labels around your Original creation.

Part of this involves making your Nood Original accessible under a creative license.

You have the power to launch your Nood into our world - and any other world you want.

The Metaverse Undefined

Metaverses are impossible to define because no one knows what they will truly become.

We have created Human Park as a way for you to show us (and the world) what your interpretation of a metaverse will look like.

To date, no one has fully discovered the metaverse.

We want you to embark on a journey of self discovery where you’ll learn how to exist in this new digital space.

It is up to you to define the experience as you explore it.