What if there was a way to discover who you could become, an exploration into your identity as the Metaverse develops around us.

Who would you want to be?

Human Park is where you will begin this journey.

The Park is a blended experience platform where you can fully express your own identity. Join a vibrant community of creators all over the world in this journey of self-expression where you can complete your unique look.

Humans are creatures of exploration and striving for more. As the lines between the real world and digital universe begin to blur, the need for profound connections and authentic self-expression remains.

Our identities in the real world aren’t always an accurate representation of who we want to be. The digital world allows us to fully express who we are at our core, unfiltered, not limited by our physical forms.

So why a taboo Nood? Why digital tattoos?

We all started in this world naked and vulnerable. As we grow and mature, it’s hard to notice the evolution that takes place as we embed ourselves into the tribes that shape who we become. This is what makes us mortal, but belonging is what makes us truly human.

Body markings have been a symbol of self-expression since the dawn of human existence. The representation of tattoos in Human Park is an homage to tribalism and a new era of self-identity.

Human Park is a place where you can be yourself, or who you’ve always wanted to be.

Start with a Nood form, a blank canvas from which you will write your own story in the Metaverse.

The possibilities are endless.

Drip your Nood with an infinite combination of tattoos that best represent the magnificent vision you have for yourself.

Most importantly, have fun, turn the volume up, and immerse yourself in the process of creation.

Degen or Punk, we have you covered, literally! ;)

As the Park comes to life, we will reward early (and later) adopters.

Your identity will be given every chance to flourish and evolve through weird and wonderfully vibrant experiences like no other.

To be continued ...

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